Holiday Gift Guide For Bloggers

I've seen so many people making these gift guides, and I've been wanting to make some as well, but the thing is, I've been a li...

I've seen so many people making these gift guides, and I've been wanting to make some as well, but the thing is, I've been a little worried. 

Who am I to assume what a group of people would want?

So I looked at a few of them, and while a few of them seemed like a good bunch of gifts to me, it was suddenly clear to me.

I would make a gift guide, based on things that I would want. I am a blogger afterall.
So I've put together my small gift guide of 8 items, that I, as a blogger would like to receive. I have included a small explanation to go with them, including the links to the items online.
blogger gift guide 1) This gorgeous diary from Typo - Let's face it, who isn't a more organised blogger with a diary. It's super cute, and the perfect size for carrying around in your handbag for when you get an idea while out - you know you've been there in the grocery store, and an idea just strikes you.
2) A mug with a witty quote -  This one is perfect. First of all, I'm pretty sure all bloggers run on coffee or tea, and you know we all silently judge grammar... I know mine isn't perfect all the time, but it's definitely something I'm guitlty of.

3) A wide angle lens - Let's be honest, put your hand up if you're still shooting with the lenses that came with your camera? My hand is definitely up, however I've been doing some research, and I think this lens would be perfect. It's small, which makes it easier and lighter to use, and it's a wide angle lens, so it takes in so much more!
4) A cable organiser -  Because everyone hates cables laying around, and why not find something to organise them that also looks nice?

5) Some slippers - Okay, I know this one seems a bit strange, but just stay with me a moment. Does anyone else get really cold feet? But socks aren't enough, and shoes are just silly for inside? Well, here's the solution. Slippers! Pop these on and your feet will no longer be cold while you're sitting at the desk typing away.

6) A motivational print - Who doesn't like a motivational quote on their wall? And what better than something that reminds you to get your shit done every day. I mean, how else do you get anywhere?

7) A cute camera bag - To be honest, I get sick of my standard camera bag that I got with my camera. I would love something funky, that doesn't look so obviously like a camera bag. This one is perfect.

8) Some good headphones - I don't know about you, but I am always listening to music when I'm blogging, and right now I'm using my earbuds that came with my phone. I would love some decent headphones to wear that are comfortable and won't hurt my ears.

Watch out over the next few days, there will be more gift guides to come. What is something that you would add to this list?

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