DIY No Sew Robin Costume With Removable Cape

The blister {Mister Blister} decided that he wanted to be Robin from Batman and Robin for Halloween this year. Although Halloween isn'...

The blister {Mister Blister} decided that he wanted to be Robin from Batman and Robin for Halloween this year. Although Halloween isn't that big here, it's still pretty fun for the kids to dress up, and this year is the first year that he was actually wanting to dress up as something, and specifically, he wanted to be Robin.

I googled a bit, and had a look at a few different versions of costumes for Robin before deciding how I was going to do it.

I went to spotlight and bought some felt. I bought roughly half a metre of the red for his vest, and about a metre of yellow for the cape, though I didn't use it all.

As I sat down to make it, I decided that I wasn't going to use my sewing machine for this project. I wanted it to be no sew. That way, even if you can't sew to save your life, you can still do this DIY. The felt is great for doing no sew.

Firstly, I got one of his t-shirts and folded the sleeves in so that I could trace around it on felt that has been folded in half, leaving an inch or so on either aide, and above the shoulders. This is so it can be folded over to join up.

 I then took the pieces and hot glued them together, starting with the shoulders. I then did the sides as well.

I then folded my yellow felt in half, and put the vest on top of it, tracing where the shoulders were, with the fold of the yellow running down the middle of the vest. I made a small curve between the inside shoulder mark and the fold, and then made a line, slightly angled, going down the length to make the cape.

I didn't measure how long the cape was, I just made it to a suitable size for L. It's roughly 50cm long though.

I attached velcro strips to the shoulders with hot glue, this is how the cape is removable.

I added the small embelishments, and then made a quick mask using the cardboard from a cereal box and then gluing some felt onto it, putting elastic too.

Pair it with some dark jeans, with green undies over top, and the same green t-shirt from the tracing, and you have an awesome Robin costume! I quickly made the gloves with triangles of green felt.

I glued down one side and then put a loop of elastic at the point so that it could slip over his finger and they would stay put.

What is your one going as for Halloween? What about you? My costume will be coming up.

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  1. well done! this is a fab costume and a great tutorial for a non-sewing type, someone will be very pleased to find this! :o)

  2. So easy and great tutorial! And a super cool result - he must be thrilled! go you :)