This may be a touchy subject... I was watching an interesting show on telly today about families. Mainly on what constitutes a family, an...

This may be a touchy subject...

I was watching an interesting show on telly today about families. Mainly on what constitutes a family, and what family 'setup' is best for a child to be raised in?

For a majority of society a 'Nuclear' Family is what is considered to be the best set up to raise children, that being a Momma and Dad who are married.

I think there are so many different set ups that are suitable for a child to be raised in. I also think that the idea of a nucler family is so outdated. Yes, it is still the most common type of family, but there are so many more.

Does this mean that to the majority of society, a couple who aren't married are not capable of raising a child? A single Momma or Dad aren't capable of raising a child? Or, even a same sex couple?

I think that no one should be judged on their parenting ability by the type of relationship they are or are not in. It's not fair.

I know that when many people see me, they judge because A) I am young, and B) I'm not married/in a relationship. Do these things mean I can't raise my child properly? Of course not!

Is a child always best to be raised with their biological parents? This was another topic of conversation.

To me, as long as the child has people who love them, will do anything for them, believe in them, and will support them with everything, is what constitutes a good family set up for a child to be raised in. In most cases this is biological parents.

I won't deny that there have been times when I think it would be easier if I had someone by my side, and I am in no way saying I don't ever want to get married {Because I do, it's even on my list}, I just don't think that good parenting and child rearing is only done by 'Nuclear Families', and I have seen many examples in my life that support this statement.{why yes Uni, that Educ paper did come in handy}

I am in no way putting down anyone, these are just my views. I am aware that there are many opinions on subjects like these

{Because my son loves me, silly faces and all}

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  1. I can understand why they say a child should be raised with mom and dad being married. I am married to the father of my children and the kids love both of us, we both are able to spend time with them, raise them together etc.


    I don't always believe that is the "best" way. My mom and dad were married up until the time I was 11 years old. I hated it, because they basically hated eachother and that affected my sibilings and I.

    Also, I know quite a few single mothers and their children love them so much.

    So with that being said, as long as mommy and daddy love eachother then yes they should be raise their kids together. If it's a were only together for the kids type of thing, i do not think that's the home kids should be raised in. and as long as the single parent can handle being a single parent and there kid is happy then that works too.

    I don't believe there is any right way, as long as your kids turn out as happy healthy adults. =D

  2. yeah, I am in no way saying that parents shouldn't be together, but yeah like you said, if it's not a happy/loving environment then it's prob not best for them =)

    My parents split when I was 5, if I had been raised longer in that environment I probably would be a completely different person today.