Where Have I Been All Your Life? Or You Know, This Past Week

I feel like I have been gone for AGES! My laptop charger decided to stop working on me so it died! I am going to replace it when I g...

I feel like I have been gone for AGES!

My laptop charger decided to stop working on me so it died! I am going to replace it when I get back from Australia, which is a bummer cause I wanted to take it with me to do some blog posts, and put photos onto. But oh well, I'm sure it will be better to just spend the time over there enjoying my holiday {which if I say so myself, I do deserve}.

I finally got around to putting Picasa onto the Mac {our main (home) computer}, and my sister was staying in our spare room {which is also the computer room} the past couple of days, so today is my first chance of writing a post.

So what have I been up to you ask?

Well, school mainly.

I have been on full control this past week {meaning the normal teacher takes a side step, and I have to plan and teach every lesson} it is so much fun, and I am learning so much more every day.

I also went shopping.
A couple of weeks ago, I went shopping and put some clothes on lay by. Well, I picked them up, and I must say, I am so pleased with what I got.

This was the first time {since having L} that I could go into a shop, see heaps of things that I liked, and then have them look good on me! I was so happy.

I got them all from Kmart, which is a pretty awesome shop!

After seeing these photos, I actually realise just how skinny my legs are compared to the rest of my body. No wonder all my friends go on about my 'nice legs'. My arms are the same actually, and on really cold days, my ankles, wrists, and knees get extremely sore from the cold {a little random fact about me there}

OH, I got blog award too! Exciting stuff, so let's share.

Holly from Perfectly Imperfect gave me this the other day, and as I said above, I have only just been able to accept it. {By the way, if you haven't already, you should go check her out, and even click on that follow box, she is lovely, and always share the most awesome stuff}.

So the rules that go with this award are:

#1 Thank the person who awarded this to you, and link back to them.
Again, thank you so much Holly, it's nice to know you like my blog!

#2 Share 7 things about yourself
Ok, so even though I just did a 10 day challenge, I will try and come up with 7 things.

-I have terrible stage fright, but I love singing. I have always wanted lesson to improve my voice/range, but don't think it will be worth it since I freeze as soon as I am meant to sing on my own. {I am fine if there is 1 or more people singing with me}

-I really want to experience a white Christmas. Our is in the middle of summer, and although Christmas/boxing day BBQ and beach is great, it would be awesome to experience the holidays another way.
Instead of 'White Christmas'{the song} we have 'Christmas on the Beach' {I tried finding it on youtube, but no luck}

-I am my friends' rock.
Pretty much all of my friends confide in me with everything, and they know I will do anything for them. That includes 2am phone calls from a distraught best friend. I am happy to say that they are the same for me too. I love my friends so much!

-I love Glee and Gossip Girl.
I actually watch it online, only hours after it has aired. That is how much I don't want to wait for it to start playing again on TV here.

-My family never expected me to be the first to have a baby.
I was the goody good, with big ambitions, no one ever expected that I would be pregnant at 17. But then again, they probably never expected me to keep those ambitions after I had L. They are there, and if anything they are bigger than ever.

Ok, so I can't think of another 2 things, so 5 will have to do for now.

Rule #3 is to pass this award onto 15 newly discovered blogs.
So, I actually can't list any, because I don't have any newly discovered blogs. I am quite 'strict' I guess you can say about what will make me follow a blog, and lately there haven't been many.

However, as I do come across some, I will add them and pass it on, I promise!!

So, sorry for the super long post, I will be back in a few more times this week.

Take care lovelies xx

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  1. My laptop charger has died too :( I'm just using my car charger at the mo, I keep seeing them cheap on trademe, I just have to get around to bidding!!! I love your Kmart outfits, I have stuff on laybuy there at the mo. They seem to have the same styles as other shops but way more affordable!! xx

  2. I loved learning more about you! Your outfits are super cute, the 3rd outfit is my favorite! andddd I hope you have tons of fun on vacation! =D