About Me

I'm Tammy, 20-something, from Marlborough, New Zealand.

Life is one crazy big adventure, we're all just along for the ride. This is my space, to share my adventure with you, my wonderful readers. You will get a taste of the good and bad parts of my life, as well as an insight into the many different things I like, from fashion, to gifts.

Who am I?
I'm a mother. A teacher, a giver, a teller-offer, a shoulder to cry on, a huger. I laugh, I cry, I sing, I dance, I love. I'm a dreamer, a believer, a goofball, and sometimes far too serious and logical for my own good, but these things just make me a part of who I am.

For any business related enquiries, or even just to say hello, please contact me on the email below and I will be in contact with you: