What's Been Going On?....Plus a Recipe

I wish I could say life has been hectic lately, that I've been so busy and that's why I haven't posted, but to be honest it'...

I wish I could say life has been hectic lately, that I've been so busy and that's why I haven't posted, but to be honest it's not. I'm still sending out numerous applications for jobs, all of which seem to be going nowhere. I've not been able to get any relief work either at the moment, so I've been trying more schools all over the city. This is kind of weird to be honest, but that's okay, the more schools I try the more chance I have.

There was a special someone in my life, but they aren't there now, so I don't even have any juicy stories there either.

L has been okay, I've been trying to get him ready for school. He starts a few weeks into next term and I'm not entirely sure how that will go. He's not been wanting to go to preschool in the mornings lately, so it might be hard.

He's had yet another operation for his ears. This brings it to 4 operations now, all of which haven't worked, so I'm taking him to a specialist who doesn't go through the private system to see what they say. The outcome is looking like eardrum reconstruction due to holes cause by the grommets that didn't work, and possibly hearing aids. It all depends on what is causing his ear infections and if there is a way to make them go away. I think there isn't. It's something he has been having since six months old and it's now four and a half years later.

It annoys me, but there's nothing I can do about it. I think what annoys me most about the situation is that I couldn't just go through the private system all the time because of the fact that L had one ear infection before I got my health insurance cover and that caused them to say they wouldn't cover it until next year. So until then, I have had to put up with numerous doctors through the public system. Which would be fine, if he only needed one operation, but it's getting to the point where we need to look at other things for him to help.

Okay, so now that my semi rant is over, I want to share with you the delicious recipe that I made for dinner last night. I made this a long time ago, not really knowing what I was doing, and it turns out I was on the right track, only missing one ingredient. You have no idea how happy that makes me.
Introducing... Creamy Bacon Fettuccine Carbonara {With fresh, homemade pasta}

Carbonara Sauce
300ml cream {or for a lighter version, use evaporated milk}
4 rashers or bacon sliced or diced
1/2 Cup of frozen peas
1 egg yolk

Heat some oil in a pan, and fry the bacon until crispy {about 5 minutes}. Add the cream and peas a bring to a boil. Remove from heat. Cook pasta according to directions on packet {or recipe for fresh}. When the pasta is just finishing cooking, put the cream mixture back over the heat to heat it back up. Drain pasta and add to the cream mixture with the egg yolk. Mix until coated. Serve.

Honestly, my family loved this dish, it was great. Add a little salt if needed and it's perfect.

Hopefully the next time I post I will have some better news regarding all of the areas I'm not having any luck in. Until then, love you all!

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