Oh my Macaron!

After much thought about blogging, I finally gave in! I always thought, if I start a blog, what will I write about? To be honest I didn&...

After much thought about blogging, I finally gave in!

I always thought, if I start a blog, what will I write about? To be honest I didn't know and I still don't. 

I have been looking around some blogs and I am in awe of the great detail and the amount of time that must go into making them so special.

So a little bit about me. I love to sew, bake, cook, and craft in general!I live in New Zealand, I am 21 years old, a mother to a 3 year old (yes I was young), and a full time university student, in my second year of study towards being a teacher.

So why not start it off with a beautiful Macaron recipe!
I had been looking around for things to make lately, and everywhere I looked I saw Macarons/Macaroons. 

I thought to myself, I should try and make some, I'm sure it won't be too complicated. So I went to the supermarket and picked up some ground almonds for them and got home and got to work. 

Now I must be honest and confess that I have never before tried a macaron, so I really didn't know what the texture/taste is meant to be. I should have gone and got one (to be honest I don't know where I would get them), but I thought that I would just make them instead. So I researched on the internet for recipes, techniques, and what the perfect macaron is meant to be like. I then got to making them. 

I made lemon flavour with a lemon Swiss Buttercream filling. The first lot that I put on the tray I think worked really well, had the feet and everything. But then I nearly forgot that they were in the oven, and said tray of macarons turned out a bit more crispy and less soft than everyone says they are meant to be, however the still taste nice. The second tray however were a complete fail. They were nice and soft, but I don't think I left them long enough before putting them in the oven. NO FEET. Oh well, better luck next time I say. I plan on trying many different flavours with all the fruit that I have around me now (it is spring in New Zealand after all).

The only thing I can say about my first attempt is that if macarons are meant to taste how mine do, I am in Heaven!
Lemon Macaron with Lemon Swiss Buttercream Filling

 I will add the recipe later, I need to find it first (somewhere in my kitchen). Also I would give credit to where I got the recipe from, however I can't remember - eek - must write it down next time.

So until next time, remember to laugh and love often.

Happy cooking everyone.

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  1. They do look lovely! I want to try macarons and these sound delicious.